Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm not a camper.

Frequently I put the words children and nature in Google to search for new articles and interesting happenings I can post about and find a plethora of amazing non-profit organization/blogs/networks/collaborations/forums/you name it, with an emphasis on camping, hiking, backpacking and general getting-out-into-nature inspired activities.

Now, it pains me to admit that none of the above are my cup of tea. Connecting with nature, yes, but driving to a remote patch of wilderness to really feel that I am one with mother nature, no.

For me connecting with nature isn't all about camping and roughing it in the wilderness. It is and should be about having nature accessible, outside your own back door, a 5 minute walk to a local wood, a park within a quarter mile of your residence, a street with wide sidewalks and shade trees. Within those spaces children and adults can still feel connected to and experience nature without feeling like they have to pack all but the kitchen sink just to be in a natural setting....

So, I hope my confession rings true with many of you out there, people who love and appreciate nature but don't feel the urge to leave behind the comforts of home to enjoy them. With good planning and design we should all be able to have the choice. Mosquitos or Mojitos........

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