Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tgo: the great outdoor gym company

As their website says about The Green Heart, a playground that uses human-generated electricity for lighting the zone at night time, to extend the usage of the facility into the evenings:

"It’s green, it’s shiny and it lights up at night.

It’s great for your health and it generates electricity.

It encourages kids and adults alike to learn about their health, energy generation and energy consumption."

Sounds brilliant.
(Plus it's made in Britain, nice to see some local enterprise and no outsourcing.....)

That's Daley Thompson in the photo, wow, I was a huge fan..........

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  1. Thanks for the comments. We are trying to create a healther, fitter planet. We have installed 300 gyms so far. we are excited to be working on the green energy gyms. We are also proud to be manufacturing in the UK. thanks for the support. Georgie Creative Director, The Great Outdoor Gym Co