Monday, December 10, 2012

Richard Louv

I read Richard Louv's column regularly and while it always contains some gem or quote worth mentioning, I don't post it every time, as it feels a little redundant. Mainly because I'm sure there are many more people reading it anyway than checking out my blog. 

However, every now and then it doesn't hurt to pass on some of his wisdom.......

So, from his column called A new generation of environmentalists: Fighting golbal warming by reconnecting people to nature I quote:

"An inability to recognize the natural world around us is just one reason why our major environmental challenges and our daily experiences in nature are inalterably related, and why an increasing number of scientists and organizations are taking action. As of 2008, more people in the world live in cities than in the countryside — inviting either more human alienation from nature, or an opportunity to create new kinds of nature-rich cities, ones that become incubators of biodiversity and human health. That’s a huge, hopeful challenge for future urban planners, architects and policy makers — and other careers, for which we do not yet have names, that connect people to the natural world."

He also mentions this article in his post, by George Monbiot over at The Guardian. Definitely worth reading.

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