Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playground Ideas

I volunteer for this wonderful not-for-profit organisation and realised that I haven't actually blogged about it before. Oh, the shame.

Their goal is:

"To change the culture of education and the design of schools in the developing world to become more focused on the needs of children. Particularly the need for children to play."

A daycare playground was just completed in Uganda and apparently they filmed the process for a documentary, so I hope to post that up here soon. 

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  1. Peppa Pig

    This is wonderful! Thank you for giving. I will be interesting the children's help with what to add next season. Since we are mid winter weather here in the south flatlands of the USA a little summer time thinking will be charming. It always shocks me how individuals can still think that glides and shifts are the only way to get the actual advantages of a play area.