Thursday, May 23, 2013

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace was an American writer and his commencement speech for the graduates of Kenyon College in 2005 is doing the rounds again, thanks to the wonders of the internet and a new short movie using his audio and called This is Water.

I have read it and watched the new movie and what I was struck by was how far reaching his words are. For me they talk of not just our surroundings, as in people, but our environment, our connection with nature and the importance it plays in our lives. But maybe that's the genius of his words. They speak to different people in different ways.

So, please read it and make up your own mind and in the meantime I will continue to try and remember to look out the window and marvel at all the birds that come and feed from my bird feeder, to go for a walk in the forest and notice how the light hits the new beech leaves and to not give into social conditioning and cut my lawn because if I leave it to go wild it will help feed the bees.

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