Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Houston, we have a problem

I know, I can't keep away......... Sir Ken Robinson. The man is a visionary. Here's a Q & A on Ted he did last year. Some great questions and answers.

I particularly liked this about the role of IT in schools:

"But I also think that in any situation education should not only be IT-based. Clearly not. There are things that you can only really learn by being in the room with people. There are things you can only really learn by getting up and doing them. Not simulating them, but by being outdoors and doing it. By being in your body. By exercising your feelings and recognizing you are not just intellectual and chemalogical* animals. We are sentient, feeling beings who need social contact. And one of the great losses, I think, out of public education just now is the loss of arts programs, loss of sports programs and the loss of programs that get kids out of the room and on their feet. "

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