Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video Games

Never thought I'd see the day when I posted an article about the positive benefits of video gaming.... but here is an interesting article, A playful route to learning, which also mentions the importance of play in our lives.

Here's a little part of it to wet your appetite.....

"There are misgivings to be resolved before society works out how games might contribute to learning, including issues around dysfunctionality and addiction. The core issues are deeper: about our failure to understand the real nature of the play impulse. Human beings are naturally playful. The problem begins when compartments are constructed for learning, growing and being. Rationalists consigned play to childhood, learning to adolescence, and being to maturity. An unholy alliance with puritanical religions ensured that play was stigmatised in learning, and by the advent of maturity, the adult had come to regard play as a guilty pleasure, one that could have no proper place in the moulding of the young."

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