Sunday, September 6, 2009


I came across this website through TED and thought what they were doing was astonishing. It only reconfirmed my belief that children are amazing and we... adults... should leave them alone, to create, innovate and generally do things their own inimitable way.

Hole-in-the-Wall was set up to research and develop a methodology formerly called Minimally Invasive Education. A computer is literally put in a hole in the wall in the playground and by breaking the traditional confines of a school, they are employing a unique collaborative learning approach and encouraging children to explore, learn and just enjoy. What excited me the most were the reasons why they placed the computer outside.

"The playground setting offers a host of other advantages. Unconditional access to Learning Stations ensures that both children in-school and out-of-school can use them. Another advantage is that the unstructured nature of this setting also ensures that children themselves take ownership of the Learning Station by forming self-organized groups who learn on their own. Finally an unsupervised setting ensures that the entire process of learning is learner-centric and is driven by a child’s natural curiosity."

Check it out.

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