Saturday, November 26, 2011

20's plenty for us


Just heard about a grassroots campaign in England called 20's Plenty for Us, to slow traffic in residential areas to 20 mph. Now New York are getting on board.

There seems to be so much going on with their campaign that it's hard to know what to quote, but here's a little snippet:

20’s Plenty for Us welcomes the call by the EU Committee on Transport and Tourism for 30km/h (20mph) speed limits in all residential areas. 
........The Committee sets out specific measures to reach this goal and in its press release[1] identifies 20mph limits as key for protecting children :-
Protect Children
MEP’s call for a 30km/h speed limit in all residential roads and on single-lane roads without cycle tracks, to help cut the number of children under 14 years old killed by 60% and those seriously injured by 40%. They also say children should be taught road safety at the youngest possible age.
 Brilliant stuff. Check it out yourself.

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