Thursday, March 11, 2010

Survey of children

Emotional health of children

Satisfaction of parks and play areas

The Department for Children, Schools and Families in the UK have derived data from a survey of children with the following subjects:

- Emotional health and wellbeing - children and young people user perception
- Percentage of children who have experienced bullying
- More participation in positive activities
- Reduce the proportion of young people frequently using illicit drugs, alcohol or volatile substances
- Satisfaction with parks and play areas

For each topic they produced a map, see two of them above.

Interesting results. If these two were overlaid would it indicate that where kids are happiest they have the best parks? No......

However, if you download the summary for the questionnaire, on page 8 children were asked if there were three things that would make their lives better and "more places where I can go to spend time with my friends" ranked the highest at 42%.

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