Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tests, tests and more tests....

What is with education today? It all seems to be geared around getting kids to pass tests and this new Race to the Top initiative by the Obama Administration seems no different, and please, correct me if I'm wrong.

But when I saw the four key areas for reform, I just thought, well, here we go again. No reform, just the same old, same old.....

"Through Race to the Top, we are asking States to advance reforms around four specific areas:

  • Adopting standards and assessments that prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace and to compete in the global economy;
  • Building data systems that measure student growth and success, and inform teachers and principals about how they can improve instruction;
  • Recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining effective teachers and principals, especially where they are needed most; and
  • Turning around our lowest-achieving schools."

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