Thursday, October 29, 2009

Children & Nature Network

Volume 4.

Greenspace supports children’s quality of life

Time spent outdoors supports many aspects of children’s health

Children’s classroom behavior is better if they have recess

Allocating time to physical activity in school does not negatively impact

academic achievement

School gardens positively impact children’s learning and behavior

Natural views from high school positively impact students’ academic

achievement and behavior

Real field trips provide better overall learning environments than virtual field trips

Older children who spend more time outside tend to be more physically active

and are less likely to be overweight

Green school grounds improve quantity and quality of elementary school

children’s physical activity

Schoolyard size and landscape quality influence children’s satisfaction and


Children in greener neighborhoods have lower body weight changes

And that's only by page 8......

These are headings from an annotated bibliography from the Children & Nature Network, compiling research resources with an emphasis on research published in 2008-2009 in two primary areas:

1) benefits to children from contact with nature

2) children’s experience of nature...... check it out.

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